Claremont Serial Killings Episode 4

Listen to Episode 4: The Case Against Bradley Robert Edwards

1. Vocabulary

Divide the class into 4 groups to discuss the meaning of these words and phrases to then share with students from the other groups.

Group A

  • prowler
  • introverted
  • lingered
  • allegedly
  • allegations
  • propensity
  • snatched
  • abducted
  • out of the blue
  • damsels in distress
  • didn’t bear fruit

Group B

  • gagged
  • distinctive
  • contemporaneous
  • alibi
  • rendezvous
  • probability
  • plethora
  • peccadillos
  • big ticket
  • big stash
  • down the track

Group C

  • titillate
  • delectation
  • satiating
  • fetish
  • prejudicial
  • admissible
  • inference
  • obviated
  • ruling out
  • flesh that out a bit
  • fair-minded people

Group D

  • overwhelming
  • incidents
  • detract
  • indictment
  • intriguing
  • prominent
  • crucial
  • violated
  • take it on board
  • out of the blue
  • not lost on (someone)

2.  Discuss

In small groups retell the details of the attacks by Bradley Robert Edwards as described in the podcast.

Why do you think it took the police so long to find the attacker?

How do you think they could have solved these crimes earlier?

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Claremont Serial Killings Episode 3

Listen to Episode 3: The Wrong Man

  1. Comprehension 

Answer these questions about Alison Fan interviewing Lance Williams about the Claremont serial killings.

  • What happened in the interview?
  • How did Alison feel about Lance after she interviewed him? What did she do about it?
  • How do you feel about this situation?

2. Research

Divide the class into 3 groups to research one topic each. Find information and photos or images on your topic. Then share your information with members from the other groups.  

  • Police profiling
  • Andrew Mallard
  • Lloyd Rainey

3. Watch

Lindy Chamberlain is another example of a person who has been wrongly accused of a crime. Watch her story here on Anh’s Brush With Fame, Series 4, Episode 2. 

4. Discuss

  • Talk about the situations of Lance Williams, Andrew Mallard, Lloyd Rainey and Lindy Chamberlain.
  • Do you know of other situations where the wrong person has been accused of a crime?
  • What is your opinion?
  • What do you think can be done to prevent people from being wrongly accused?

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Claremont Serial Killings Episode 2

Listen to Episode 2: Tears, Taskforce and a Suspect

1. Complete this information about Ciara Glennon who was the third girl to go missing in Claremont.

  • Name: Ciara Glennon, Age: ___ , Occupation: ___ , Date missing: ___ , Date body found: ___

2. Discuss

  • What happened with the Perth taxi drivers over the Easter long weekend?

3. Research

A. What is the Macro Taskforce?

  • Who is Detective Superintendent Paul Ferguson?
  • Who is Detective Inspector Dave Caporn?

B. Who is Lance Williams?

  • Why was he a suspect?
  • What happened?

C. What is a polygraph test?

  • Who did a polygraph test?
  • Why?
Name: Ciara Glennon, Age: 27 , Occupation: lawyer , Date missing: March 14, 1997 , Date body found: April 3, 1997

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Claremont Serial Killings Podcast

The Claremont Serial Killings podcast by Gary Adshead from The West Australian describes the true story of 3 girls who went missing from a quiet Perth suburb during the mid 1990’s.

Listen to Episode 1: A Killer Strikes Twice

1. Complete this information about the suspected killer and the three girls who went missing.

  • Name: Bradley Robert Edwards, Age: ___ , Occupation: ___
  • Name: Sarah Spiers, Age: ___ , Occupation:___ , Date missing:___
  • Name: Jane Rimmer, Age: ___ , Occupation: ___ , Date missing: ___ , Date body found: ___
  • Name: Ciara Glennon: Age: ___

2. Discuss in small groups:

  • Describe the suburb of Claremont, what it looks like, the people who live there and things to do in Claremont.
  • Search for images of the poster they displayed around Claremont in 1996 to ‘Help Find Sarah’
  • Search for images of the 3 girls and the suspected killer.

3. The podcast mentions other criminals that terrorised Perth before the Claremont serial killer.

Divide the class into two groups to research one each. Think about the questions – Who? What? When? Where? How? Then share the information with someone from the other group.

  • Eric Edgar Cooke
  • David and Catherine Birnie


Name: Bradley Robert Edwards, Age: 50, Occupation: telecommunications technician and little athletics volunteer
Name: Sarah Spiers, Age: 18, Occupation: secretary, Date missing: Jan 26 1996
Name: Jane Rimmer, Age: 23, Occupation: child-care worker, Date missing: June 9 1996, Date body found: Aug 3 1996
Name: Ciara Glennon: Age: 27

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