Angelina Jolie seeks divorce from Brad Pitt


Read Angelina Jolie seeks divorce from Brad Pitt, ending Hollywood power couple and answer these questions.
  1. Why did Angelina file for divorce?
  2. Where did she file for divorce?
  3. What does she want to happen to their 6 children?
  4. When did they get married?
  5. How many husbands has Angelina had?
  6. How many wives has Brad had?
  7. What cause is Angelina interested in?
  8. Where are 3 of their children adopted from?

1. for the health of the family, 2. Los Angeles Superior Court, 3. She wants full custody, 4. August 2014,  5. 3, 6. 2,    7. humanitarian causes to help refugees and underprivileged, 8. Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia

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