Ocean Plastic

What do you know about plastic waste and the impact on the ocean?

Listen to this TED Talks by David Katz titled The Surprising Solution to Ocean Plastic and take notes the first time you listen.

Listen for a second time and answer these comprehension questions:

  1. According to David Katz, what is the last thing we need to do?
  2. How much plastic is produced each year?
  3. Where is 80% of ocean plastic coming from?
  4. Plastic Bank encourages recycling by offering trade with plastic bags for what type of things?
  5. What do Plastic Bank do with the plastic they get?
  6. What does plastic neutrality invest in?
  7. What are the advantages of social plastic?
  8. Complete this phrase: We ……. all be a ……. of the ……..  and ……. the ………


Answers: 1. clean the ocean 2. over 300 million ton 3.  countries with extreme poverty 4. school tuition, medical insurance, Wi-Fi, cell phone minutes, power, sustainable cooking fuel, high efficiency stoves 5.  the plastic is sold to suppliers for manufacturing 6. recycling infrastructure 7. social plastic is a tradable currency that alleviates poverty and cleans the environment 8. We can all be a part of the solution and not the pollution

For more note-taking activities go to Unit 6 Scanning, Skimming and Note-taking.