Look at these jokes with a partner and think about the response to them before you check the answers.

  1. What is the longest word in the English language?    
  2. What do you call a deer with no eyes?  
  3. What starts with E, ends with E and only has one letter?
  4. What travels around the world and stays in a corner?
  5. What has many keys, but can’t open any doors?
  6. Can a kangaroo jump higher than the Sydney Opera House?                                         
1. Smiles - there is a mile between the first letter and the last letter
2. No idea (no eye idea)
3. An envelope
4. A stamp
5. A piano
6. Yes, because the Sydney Opera House can't jump!

With your partner discuss these questions:

  • Do you know any jokes in English? Tell your partner.
  • Do you know any jokes in your language? Translate them into English and tell your partner. Are they still funny in English? Why/why not?

In your journal write down more jokes that you know from English or translate jokes from your language into English.

For more ideas go to Journal Writing.

Jelly Slugs

As you listen to this video about Jelly Slugs notice how the words are pronounced. In many cases the words have been pronounced as they are spelt to add humour. See if you can complete the transcript by putting the words from the box into the correct position in the transcript. Some words are used more than once.

bodies very open face bulging
serious tail my head eat
heads big eyes slugs long
smile lot Peace want garden
inside army body funny cut

Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Harry Potter Jelly Slugs, Harry Potter Jelly Slugs. Pear, Sour Cherry, Tangerine, Watermelon, Banana. Let’s _____   it up. I _____ to _____ the Jelly Slugs. Mmm. That’s a _____ of _____, that’s a _____ of _____. Don’t go in _____  _____. Behold! My _____of _____. This slug has _____  _____  _____, _____  _____  _____. Ooh, _____  _____. Let’s put a _____ on that _____, let’s put a _____ on that _____. Why so _____? Why so _____? Let’s _____ it _____, so we can see _____. Ooh, _____ gummi. Let’s _____ off this yellow _____ and put it on this green _____ and this green _____ on this yellow _____. Hee hee, this is _____. They have different _____and _____. _____Slugs! Blahhh, blahhh, blahhh. _____, _____ Out!

Now read through the transcript and see if you can pronounce the words correctly.


“Heeeeello, this is Runforthecube. Today we have Harry Potter Jelly Slugs, Harry Potter Jelly Slugs. Pear, Sour Cherry, Tangerine, Watermelon, Banana. Let’s open it up. I want to see the Jelly Slugs. Mmm. That’s a lot of slugs, that’s a lot of slugs. Don’t go in my garden. Behold! My army of slugs. This slug has big bulging eyes, big bulging eyes. Ooh, long tail. Let’s put a smile on that face, let’s put a smile on that face. Why so serious? Why so serious? Let’s cut it open, so we can see inside. Ooh, very gummi. Let cut off this yellow head and put it on this green body and this green head on this yellow body. Hee hee, this is funny. They have different heads and bodies. Eat Slugs! Blahhh, blahhh, blahhh. Peace, Peace Out!”

For more listening activities go to Listening to Lectures.

Write an essay about relationships

Now that you have spoken and read about relationships have a go at writing an essay on the topic:

What makes a successful relationship?

  • In your essay include an introduction that introduces the topic and has a thesis statement that outlines what the essay will be about.
  • Your body will be clearly divided into paragraphs where each paragraph discusses one main point and includes supporting evidence and examples.
  • Finally the last paragraph of your essay is the conclusion that sums up the main points of your essay and is a place where you can give your opinion on the topic.

For more help on how to write an essay go to the lesson on Essay Writing to give you detailed instructions on how to write an introduction, body and conclusion.

Angelina Jolie seeks divorce from Brad Pitt


Read Angelina Jolie seeks divorce from Brad Pitt, ending Hollywood power couple and answer these questions.
  1. Why did Angelina file for divorce?
  2. Where did she file for divorce?
  3. What does she want to happen to their 6 children?
  4. When did they get married?
  5. How many husbands has Angelina had?
  6. How many wives has Brad had?
  7. What cause is Angelina interested in?
  8. Where are 3 of their children adopted from?

1. for the health of the family, 2. Los Angeles Superior Court, 3. She wants full custody, 4. August 2014,  5. 3, 6. 2,    7. humanitarian causes to help refugees and underprivileged, 8. Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia

Enrol in Unit 8 Biography to get more activities of speaking, reading, writing and listening on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.

Speaking about relationships

The big news of September from the Hollywood celebrities was the split of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. This can make us all consider our own relationships.

In a group discuss these questions:

  1. What is your relationship with your family like?
  2. Who do you feel closest to in your family? Explain why.
  3. Do you have a best friend? Describe him or her. When and where d you meet? Why is he/she your best friend?
  4. Do you have a husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend? Describe him or her. When and where did you meet?
  5. Do you believe in love at first sight?
  6. What do you think the secret to a happy marriage is?

To learn more about writing about yourself go to Autobiography.

Speaking about self-reliance

Discuss the topic of self-reliance with a partner.

  1. What is self-reliance?
  2. How can you become self-reliant?
  3. Do you agree that it takes “time and hard work”?
  4. What are the 3 steps mentioned in the film trailer about becoming self-reliant?
  5. Are you self-reliant when it comes to your study and learning?
  6. What are your strengths in the way you study and learn?
  7. What areas can you improve in being more self-reliant?

To learn more about writing about yourself go to Autobiography.

The Shallows – film trailer

Fill in the missing words as you watch and listen to the film trailer.

“__________ how to ___ self-reliant takes _____ and _____ work. These are the ______: assume __________, know _______ you are ______, make ______ own __________.”

“Yes sir.”

“It’s ______ work to _________ self-reliant. Every one of us _______ use a bit more than we ______. If you’re _____ self-reliant you’ll ______ do any more than ______ get ____. A ______ dose of self-reliance can do _______. Now you may ______that’s the ______ of the story, _______ it’s only the _________.”


"Learning how to be self-reliant takes time and hard work. These are the steps: assume responsibility, know where you are going, make your own decisions. "

"Yes sir. "

"It’s hard work to become self-reliant. Every one of us could use a bit more than we have. If you’re not self-reliant you’ll never do any more than just get by. A little dose of self-reliance can do wonders. Now you may think that’s the end of the story, actually it’s only the beginning."

For more listening activities go to Listening to Lectures.

Write about the Olympic Games

Write about the Rio 2016 Olympic Games using these questions as a guide.

  1. What were the highlights for you in these Olympic Games?
  2. Which sports did you enjoy watching?
  3. Which sports do you not enjoy watching? Why?
  4. What special moments did the athletes have that you remembered?
  5. What do you think may happen to the Rio Olympic stadium in the future?

Use your answers to these questions to write a paragraph about the Olympic Games. Begin your paragraph with a topic sentence, then write supporting sentences on your topic and finish it with a concluding sentence.

Go to Paragraph Writing for more help and activities on how to write a paragraph.

Olympic Games 2016

Have a look at these Haunting Photos of Abandoned Olympic Venues From Around The World. Read through the introduction and work out what these numbers are referring to.

TO GO WITH STORY BY RUSMIR SMAJILHODZIC - A picture taken on February 5, 2014 shows Sarajevo's abandoned Sarajevo's bob sleigh track near Sarajevo. Built and used as an Olympic venue during Sarajevo's 1984 Winter Olympic Games, the track was heavily damaged during Bosnia's 1992-95 war. It was never rebuilt and it's large concrete fragments remain standing as a memento of past and training ground for young generations of graffiti artists. AFP PHOTO ELVIS BARUKCIC (Photo credit should read ELVIS BARUKCIC/AFP/Getty Images)

206 =
28 =
120 =
1896 =
1894 =
1900 =
34 =
2 years =
Answers: 206 nations, 28 sports, 120 year history, 1896 first modern Olympics held in Athens, 1894 Baron Pierre de Coubertin presented the idea of the modern Olympics, 1900 original thought to unveil the modern Games in Paris, 34 countries with delegates, 2 years a city hosts either the summer or winter Olympics.
“Billions of dollars, thousands of hours of labor, and years later, this is what remains…”

Now look at the 12 photos and take notes on what has happened in each place:

1.      Ski Jump Tower, Cortina D’ampezzo, Italy, 1956 Winter Olympics Venue
2.      Bobsleigh Track, Sarajevo, 1984 Winter Olympics
3.      Swimming Pool, Berlin, 1936 Summer Olympics Venue
4.      Olympic Village, Athens, 2004 Summer Olympics Venue
5.      Ski Jumping Tower, Grenoble, France, 1968 Winter Olympic Games
6.      Beach Volleyball Venue, Beijing, 2008 Summer Olympics
7.      Tennis Court, Atlanta, 1996 Summer Olympics Venue
8.      Soviet Venue, Tallinn, 1980 Moscow Summer Olympics
9.      Cinema In The Olympic Village, Mexico City, 1968 Summer Olympics
10.   Olympic Rings Monument, Sarajevo, 1984 Winter Olympics Venue
11.   Mural, Mechanicsville, Atlanta, 1996 Summer Olympics
12.   Roads With Huge Potholes, Sochi, 2014 Winter Olympics

Go to Unit 6 – Scanning, Skimming and Note-taking if you need help with how to take notes effectively.