Red Dog: True Blue

Red Dog: True Blue is the second film made about Red Dog a popular Australian film from 2011. This new film is about the history of the people and the dog called Blue before the legend became famous.

Watch this film trailer and fill in the missing words as you listen.

_______ Australia – _______, _______, a place that _______ legends.

He _______ my life _______ – _______.

Every _______ has a _______.

‘_______! You’re _______, you’re _______! I have a good _______ about us, I _______ we’re _______ to be _______ mates.’

Outback Australia - vast, rugged, a place that creates legends. 
He saved my life once - truth. 
Every legend has a beginning. 
'Blue! You're red, you're red! I have a good feeling about us, I think we're going to be best mates.'

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