Scam Awareness

A scam is when someone tries to take something, for example money or identity, from another person through dishonest means. With the increased use of the internet over the years this has increased the chance of people illegally trying to take advantage of others.

There have been many reports of people being scammed in many ways and recently there have been media campaigns to make us more aware to stop the scams. There are a number of different ways scammers try to get your information.

Read through this article Stop and check: Is this for real? Scam Awareness Week 2018 and take notes on each of these sub-headings:

  1. Threats to life, arrest or other
  2. Remote access scams
  3. Phishing
  4. Identity theft
  5. False billing

This activity can also be divided amongst 5 groups where each group reads and takes notes on one sub-heading and then shares their notes with the other groups.

For more activities on note-taking go to Unit 6 Scanning, Skimming and Note-taking.