Claremont Serial Killings Episode 2

Listen to Episode 2: Tears, Taskforce and a Suspect

1. Complete this information about Ciara Glennon who was the third girl to go missing in Claremont.

  • Name: Ciara Glennon, Age: ___ , Occupation: ___ , Date missing: ___ , Date body found: ___

2. Discuss

  • What happened with the Perth taxi drivers over the Easter long weekend?

3. Research

A. What is the Macro Taskforce?

  • Who is Detective Superintendent Paul Ferguson?
  • Who is Detective Inspector Dave Caporn?

B. Who is Lance Williams?

  • Why was he a suspect?
  • What happened?

C. What is a polygraph test?

  • Who did a polygraph test?
  • Why?
Name: Ciara Glennon, Age: 27 , Occupation: lawyer , Date missing: March 14, 1997 , Date body found: April 3, 1997

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