The highest paid animal actors

Where have you seen animals acting?

Have a look at the photos in this article and see if you recognise any of the 10 animals from films or TV shows.

Now read through the article about the highest paid animal actors and answer these questions.

  1. What type of dog was Rin Tin Tin?
  2. Who employed Rin Tin Tin?
  3. What was Rin Tin Tin’s nickname?
  4. What movie was Keiko in?
  5. How did Keiko die?
  6. What type of animal was Bart?
  7. How old was Bart when he died?
  8. What was the name of the first dog who played Lassie?
  9. What type of dog was Lassie?
  10. What was the stage name of the dog on Frasier?
  11. What happened when Moose got too old to act?
  12. What type of animal is Crystal?
  13. Why did they stop filming Animal Practice?
  14. What type of dog played in The Wizard of Oz?
  15. What happened to the dog while filming The Wizard of Oz?
  16. What was the name of Skippy’s character in the movies?
  17. What tricks could Trigger do?
  18. What is the characters name of the most famous animal actor?
1. German shepherd 2. Warner Brothers Studio 3. Rinty 4. Free Willy 5. from pneumonia 6. Alaskan brown bear 7. 23 years old 8. Pal 9. Collie 10. Eddie 11. his son Enzo started to act 12. Capuchin monkey 13. because of poor ratings 14. Terrier 15. the dog broke his foot 16. Asta 17. walking on hind legs and untying hands 18.Benji

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