Writing a Report on Plastic Pollution

After listening to the TED Talk on The Surprising Solution to Ocean Pollution and the ABC News article on Plastic and how it affects our ocean it’s your turn to do some more research on the topic of plastic pollution to prepare a report on.

Choose a country to focus your research on to find out more about the problem of plastic pollution in that country and any things they have done to solve the problem.

  1. Find at least three different resources about plastic pollution in your chosen country.
  2. What are the problems?
  3. What are the solutions?
  4. Prepare your report with:
    • a cover page that includes the title of the report, the date and your name
    • a contents page that lists what is included in the report in order of page numbers
    • an introduction to outline the topic and purpose of the report
    • a body that is divided into headings and sub-headings
    • maps, charts or diagrams where appropriate
    • a conclusion that sums up the main ideas of the report and offers your own conclusions or opinion on the topic
    • the reference list

For more information on how to write a report go to Unit 13 Report Writing.