Writing a short story

A short story is a story that is short. There are not many characters in a short story and it is usually set in one place at one time. For the story to be interesting the main character will face some kind of conflict or problem that is resolved through the telling of the story to reach a climax or exciting part which then finishes with a resolution.

Read some short stories by Roald Dahl or other authors to get an idea of what a short story is and then have a go at writing your own!

Plan your short story by thinking about:

Characters – What is the main character like? Name? Age? Who are the other characters?

Setting – Where is your story set? When or what year is it?

Conflict – What conflict or problem will the main character have?

Climax – How will the main character solve the problem? What will happen in the exciting part of the story?

Resolution – What happens at the end of the story?

Be as creative and imaginative as you like. Enjoy the process of writing your own short story.

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