Online news

New research has found most Australians prefer online outlets as their main source of news.

Listen twice to the audio from ABC News Radio, 16th June 2015 and answer the questions that follow.

  1. What percentage of people use smart phones weekly to access news?
  2. What percentage of people use social media as a source of news?
  3. What are two examples of social media sites that offer the news?
  4. What age group primarily source the news online?
  5. What age group primarily read the newspaper and watch TV news?
  6. What are three forms of traditional news outlets?
  7. What is the percentage of people in Australia who pay for news in some form?
1.      59%, 2.      51%, 3.      Facebook and twitter, 4.      Under 35’s, 5.      Over 45’s, 6.      Print, TV and radio, 7.      11%

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