The Shallows – film trailer

Fill in the missing words as you watch and listen to the film trailer.

“__________ how to ___ self-reliant takes _____ and _____ work. These are the ______: assume __________, know _______ you are ______, make ______ own __________.”

“Yes sir.”

“It’s ______ work to _________ self-reliant. Every one of us _______ use a bit more than we ______. If you’re _____ self-reliant you’ll ______ do any more than ______ get ____. A ______ dose of self-reliance can do _______. Now you may ______that’s the ______ of the story, _______ it’s only the _________.”


"Learning how to be self-reliant takes time and hard work. These are the steps: assume responsibility, know where you are going, make your own decisions. "

"Yes sir. "

"It’s hard work to become self-reliant. Every one of us could use a bit more than we have. If you’re not self-reliant you’ll never do any more than just get by. A little dose of self-reliance can do wonders. Now you may think that’s the end of the story, actually it’s only the beginning."

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