Spoken Presentation on Plastic Pollution

From this month’s activities you have listened to a lecture and read an article about the problem of ocean plastic pollution. You have then done further research and written a report on plastic pollution. Now it’s time to use all this information to prepare a spoken presentation on plastic pollution.

Explain in your presentation:

  • What is plastic pollution?
  • What are the problems?
  • What are possible solutions?

Include visual aids and use palm cards with keywords to help you remember your speech. Practise your talk before your final presentation to improve your confidence!

Remember this is a spoken presentation….DON’T read from a script…….DON’T memorise a script……..DO speak naturally and…….DO video yourself to assess your own presentation techniques.

For more activities on spoken presentations go to Unit 8 Biography.


A debate is an argument between two teams on one topic where each team supports one side of the argument. In other words one team will agree with the statement and the other team will disagree.

When looking at a topic you need to consider the pros and cons and make a list of both the positive and the negative points.

A class can hold a debate by having 2 teams debating the same topic. One team supports the statement and the other team opposes the statement. Students must listen carefully to the other teams arguments to be able to respond with a rebuttal or explanation that disagrees with their arguments.

Divide the class into groups of 6 students to debate this topic:

All countries should create a new national anthem every 50 years.

For each group have 3 students agree with the statement and come up with 3 main ideas or points to support the statement. The other 3 students must disagree with the statement and figure out 3 main points to oppose the statement. Each student must speak uninterrupted for a set time to explain their point (between 2 – 4 minutes). The rest of the class will be the audience and they will judge which team wins the debate with the stronger argument.

Follow this guide for each speaker:

  • Speaker 1 (PRO): introduce the topic and their team and what each speaker will discuss, argue the first point
  • Speaker 2 (CON): introduce the topic and their team and what each speaker will discuss, rebuttal, argue the first point
  • Speaker 3 (PRO): rebuttal, second point
  • Speaker 4 (CON): rebuttal, second point
  • Speaker 5 (PRO): rebuttal, third point, conclude argument
  • Speaker 6 (CON): rebuttal, third point, conclude argument

Debates are a great activity to practise speaking and listening and forming opinions, but most of all to have fun!!

For more speaking activities go to Unit 8 Biography.

Red Dog: True Blue

Red Dog: True Blue is the second film made about Red Dog a popular Australian film from 2011. This new film is about the history of the people and the dog called Blue before the legend became famous.

Watch this film trailer and fill in the missing words as you listen.

_______ Australia – _______, _______, a place that _______ legends.

He _______ my life _______ – _______.

Every _______ has a _______.

‘_______! You’re _______, you’re _______! I have a good _______ about us, I _______ we’re _______ to be _______ mates.’

Outback Australia - vast, rugged, a place that creates legends. 
He saved my life once - truth. 
Every legend has a beginning. 
'Blue! You're red, you're red! I have a good feeling about us, I think we're going to be best mates.'

For more activities on the history of people go to Unit 8 Biography.

Angelina Jolie seeks divorce from Brad Pitt


Read Angelina Jolie seeks divorce from Brad Pitt, ending Hollywood power couple and answer these questions.
  1. Why did Angelina file for divorce?
  2. Where did she file for divorce?
  3. What does she want to happen to their 6 children?
  4. When did they get married?
  5. How many husbands has Angelina had?
  6. How many wives has Brad had?
  7. What cause is Angelina interested in?
  8. Where are 3 of their children adopted from?

1. for the health of the family, 2. Los Angeles Superior Court, 3. She wants full custody, 4. August 2014,  5. 3, 6. 2,    7. humanitarian causes to help refugees and underprivileged, 8. Cambodia, Vietnam and Ethiopia

Enrol in Unit 8 Biography to get more activities of speaking, reading, writing and listening on Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt.